Wanna Model for BarefootWhiteGirls.com? We created this website because we know just how much people, men and women LOVE to look at images of barefoot white girls! We also know just how much white girls typically LOVE to be barefoot, and show off their feet! We have seen all of the images on social media of white girls comparing their feet with friends, showing off their flip flop collection, or simply posing in cute outfits without shoes on. We're also highly aware that several people have what's referred to as a 'foot fetish', or as we like to put it: They are able to appreciate the beauty of the female foot. Not all feet are shaped equally! In general, white girls have absolutely beautiful feet, and if you think yours are, we 'might' agree! If you have been contacted by any of our affiliates and sent to this application, your feet are probably exquisite! We cannot wait to create beautiful images with you. All our photo shoots happen in public locations: We'll set up our shoot for a Beach or Park near you, me or in between! All photo shoots are kept to under 2 hours - and we have several ways to compensate you for your time!

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(We offer A 100% professional foot massage - This is not a dating Opportunity; no flirtation will be involved in any area of our shoot. Foot Massage Videos are for our audience to enjoy watching you recieve a foot massage. If you're not interested, these videos will not be made. No Fuss! Let us know what you're comfortable with!)

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About Compensation for our Models

We are offering several forms of compensation for your time.

  1. TFCD = Time For CD - in exchange for your time you'll be allowed to use the images from our photo shoot for your own purposes. If you have a website you may re-use our photos for your personal brand. Rather than paying Hundreds or Thousands of dollars to photographers you can get FREE photoshoots in Beautiful Southern California's Beaches & Parks. You Can Opt to Recieve a CD with all Images/Videos from our shoot Or Download Them from Google Drive (all images/videos will be uploaded to a folder only you can access)
  2. Profit Share = For Models Who want to Help us Grow Our website, & also want to Earn Money as we Grow, we are Offering a Profit Share Program. This program is only open to our *%*featured models *%* - The Profit Share Program sets aside a portion of all monthly profits to be split with our Featured Models. As Featured Models you are required to book at least 3 shoots per year - Read more Details Here.
  3. Affiliate Program = Open to & Encouraged for All Models that pose for BarefootWhiteGirls.com - You can earn ongoing income by referring people to the membership section of our website. We encourage you to refer other Models to pose and partipate in our affiliate program (2 tiered earnings)
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