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And if we are being honest, if you love women's feet you don't really have to pay money to see them. Lots of women are barefoot in public places. Women like to take their shoes off around us - wiggling their toes, flexing the soles of their feet. Women's bare feet are extremely sexy, and you and I can see them just about everywhere we go.

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- Our Original Models for -

On our Original Barefoot Models page you'll see some of the girls we first worked with. Lots of beautiful bare feet. Now you can finally see their photo sets Inside of our Onlyfans. Our original barefoot white girls were photographed on my older camera; The pics just slightly smaller than the New Girls; and we do plan to work with MORE white girls in the near future!

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White girls bare feet tend to look very nice, more consistently in our opinion. Even white girls who may not be considered attractive in the face, often still have absolutely beautiful feet. This doesn't mean there aren't women in other ethnic groups who have nice feet. In fact, lots of women from all ethnic backgrounds have very nice feet too.

However, I think we can all agree, there is something special, about white girls bare feet.

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Inside our OF are white girls who's bare feet you wish you could see up close, in your day to day life. We have those white girls who's feet are guaranteed to 'get a rise' out of you. While we're not a site with nudity, or any over the top adult subjects, We do have a lot of nude feet.... Cause we know why you're here.

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