Profit Share Program Details and Qualifications Explained

The PROFIT SHARE Program from is very simple to understand. All Models will 'share' 60% of our membership sections Profits. To Qualify for our Profit Share program You must do 2 Photo Shoots Per 12 Month Period.

(in other words) To Qualify for A Year - you must do at least 2 photo shoots during that year.

The Share will be Evenly Split between all Models who Qualify.

So for example - if 10 Models Qualify for Profit Share - and 60% of our profits come to $1,000 - Each Model will get $100 for the year. If the profits are $10,000 - each model will get $1,000 for that year. Additional income Opportunities will be available to our Profit Share Models - as well as Promotional Events, which all will go towards growing our Brand, and Increasing the Profits of the Website.

*Future Models will be Required to Participate in These Promotional Events - Until it is Required, this is Optional

IF YOU are Interested in our PROFIT SHARING program - Go to our Model Application and Fill everything out ASAP! - Then Be sure to CHECK THE BOX Near the bottom of our Application, that says "I am Interested In The PROFIT SHARE"

Here is an Example of how the Numbers Break Down
(*Note: 1/31/2016 We are changing Back to CCBill and need to adjust these Numbers**)

Membership Area - $19.99/mo (Gross) CCbill 14.9% Net Profits Profit Share
100 x $19.00 = $1999.00 $98 $1,902.00 $1,140.00
500 x $19.00 = $9995.00 $490 $9,505.00 $5,703.00
1,000 x $19.00 = $19,990.00 $980 $19,010.00 $11,400.00

The Profit Share Column Shows the amount that will be split evenly between our Models. If 10 models qualify for a year - and we have 100 Members in that year; each model will get $114 for the year. 1,000 members is $1,140.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you! Get signed up with us before all of our Profit Sharing slots are gone! ©2013-2016 - White Girls With Nice Feet Apply Here to Model For!